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Welcome to MIRRORS, a shrine dedicated to one of the most incredible video games I have ever played: Tales of the Abyss. Abyss is the 8th installment of the popular Tales series and was originally released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan on December 15, 2005.

Abyss marked the celebration of the Tales series 10th anniversary.

Of course, I myself didn't get the opportunity to play the game until October 10, 2006 where it finally made its release to North America.

Nonetheless, Abyss quickly made itself at home in my game collection. Over time, its case became the most worn and damaged and the game    had been in my console so many times, I'm amazed it still works.    The sheer amount of love I carry for this game is almost    unsettling. I have replayed it more times then I can recall and    yet every single time, I feel as if I am playing it anew. The beautiful mesh of complex characters and intriguing plot points.
The music that just fills you up on the first note and sends you into an emotional surge depending on the tempo. The sheer amount of side activities you can do should you ever tire of the story or grinding.

If you've no copy yourself, I would recommend you aquire one. It has recently (February 14, 2012) been released as well on the Nintendo 3DS in case the PlayStation 2 is an ancient relic for you.

I invite you to explore this site, enjoy your stay and hopefully you will emerge with either a grander or new found appreciation for Tales of the Abyss. ♥          - Emcy

This site will contain unmarked spoilers.